We specialise in re-upholstering quality furniture that is sound but needs new upholstery because of wear or to provide a new look.

We can tackle all types of furniture from small pieces such as office and dining room chairs, through medium sized pieces such as armchairs and ottomans, to large items such as love seats, chaise lounges and sofas.

When re-upholstering items we can change the look of sofas or chairs from old fashioned to a newer style by changing the style of the back cushion or seat cushions. We can also make modifications such as cutting out part of the frame of a sofa to change it from a three-seater to a two-seater, or making changes to the frame of an armchair.

We have a large selection of fabric in stock and available from our suppliers. We have a good selection of sample books to choose fabric from. We are also happy to use fabric that a customer supplies - in this case we charge a cutting fee.

Please take a look at some of our work.

In addition to re-upholstering your armchair or sofa we can also make matching items like slip covers and cushions.

Get Started

Please call to discuss your project, we will give you a rough idea of the cost. If you are in West or North Vancouver then we can make an appointment to come to your house where we will measure the furniture and give you a quote for the amount of fabric required and labour.

Alternatively, if the furniture is a small piece you can just bring it in to the store and we can give you a quote on the spot. We can also give a rough estimate from a photo and general dimensions.

When you are ready to go ahead you can visit the store to choose fabric from our large selection of sample books. We will be able to give you some advice, and you will be able to take some samples home with you to see how they will fit with the rest of the room. Colour can change in your house due to different lighting, or you may find a pattern that looked good in the store doesn't go with your walls or with patterns or colours you already have.

If you have a good idea of the fabric you want (type, colour, pattern) we can bring sample books when we come out to measure. This will save you a trip to the store. This works for people who don't have transport or are not mobile but have a good idea of what is required; we cannot bring every sample book from the store!

Once the work is agreed and fabric chosen we will be happy to pick up large items of furniture from your home and deliver it back when the work is complete.

Do It Yourself

We sell Upholstery supplies: springs, webbing, padding, foam, vinyl, fabric, legs and all your needs for your furniture, car or boat project. Please send us your list of requirements and we can put together a kit for you.